One thing you notice when you sign up to Rudester is it’s similarity in design to Facebook. But that is where the similarity ends. At Facebook you see your friends posting pics of their kids and lunch but at Rudester it is filled with people looking to fuck.

You’ll notice it has many of the same features as Facebook like the ability to “poke” someone, send private messages and add friends. Again the difference is the nude pics, sexy chat and people looking to hook up.

Judging from the conversation and comments on the site Rudester is all about the sex. And with all the business and traffic there are a lot of horny people out there.

Each person on the site is also given a blog and it’s a good place to write about your wild experiences and secret desires. I’ve spent hours reading other people’s blogs … and let me tell you, there are some kinky people out there!

There is also video chat and I’ve had some pretty hot chats with sexy women. The video chats alone make it worth to join.

Rudester brings adult personals into the web 2.0 age which is what I like about it. So many other dating sites look like Geocities pages to me. And it passed the only real test of the worth of a sex personals site: I was able to find chicks in my local area to fuck.